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A collection of some of my saved links and resources,
neatly (I hope) categorized for everyone!
(and example for my WebPinBoard software) file License: CC BY-SA 4.0

!!! Deprecation notice !!!


I was already updating this seldomly, but at least it had some use for me. Well, after I discovered the amazing TiddlyWiki, this thing became pretty much obsolete for my needs.

This site will probably remain up as the demo for WebPinBoard (for if anyone actually wants to use or at least it) - and, for sure it will stay here until I've finished migrating all my links. But yeah, for nice updated contents you should probably check the shiny new OcttKB.

My personal links!
Scripts and Configs
  • Andronix Scripts - Scripts to install containerized Linux distros on Android in Termux
Awesome Big Libre Games!
Awesome Arcade Libre Games!
Awesome Libre Demos!
  • bb - AA-lib text animation demo
Awesome Libre Cross-Platform Tools!
  • Rclone - CLI tool for managing cloud storage in flexible ways
  • Cryptomator - Data encryption tool with cloud storage in mind
  • 7-Zip - Useful file archiver supporting the efficient 7z format
  • GNU nano, ne - CLI text editors
  • htop, bottom, btop - CLI system monitors
  • bat - Advanced cat clone
  • RustDesk - Promising remote desktop software
  • Deskreen - Turns a secondary PC into a secondary screen for a primary PC
  • Standard Notes - Clean encrypted notes app
  • Tor - Anonymity and security online
Awesome Libre Desktop Tools!
Awesome Desktop Linux Themes!
Awesome Libre Dev Stuff!
  • TIC-80 - Fantasy retro computer
Awesome Web Frameworks!
Awesome Emulation Stuff!
Fediverse Bonanza!
  • Mastodon - Simple microblogging
  • tooot - Clean mobile Mastodon client
  • Friendica - Advanced macroblogging and communication
  • Misskey - Colorful and advanced microblogging
  • Pixelfed - Photo/video sharing
  • Lemmy - Link aggregator and forum platform
  • Bonfire - Website, Source - New simple microblogging platform, with a focus on no-JS use
Awesome Libre Server-Side Software!


HTML5 OSes (yes they are a thing)
Awesome Libre Android Tools!
  • WiGLE WiFi Wardriving - Tool for geomapping WiFi APs and Bluetooth devices
  • Gadgetbridge - Libre companion app for proprietary smart bands
  • Termux - Terminal emulator with integrated package manager and repos
  • Linux Deploy - Quick tool for running full Linux distros on Android (containerized with Chroot); Use v<=2.5.1 for Android<5; Use v<=2.4.1 for Proot (no root needed on Android);
  • NewPipe - Frontend for YouTube and other platforms
  • Lawndesk - Launcher without app drawer
  • Taskbar - Desktop-like launcher
MicroPython Stuff!
  • MicroPython - MP itself, a lightweight Python implementation
  • FBConsole - Frame buffer console class for MP (for displaying Python REPL on a display)
  • Micropython-Editor - Console text editor for MP
  • SH1106 - MP driver for SH1106 OLED displays
  • PCF8574 - MP driver for PCF8574 8-Bit I2C I/O Expander
Finestra test 2
Finestra test 3

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